Noft Games is a project created by crypto-enthusiasts inspired by spectacles like sports contests. It's a new world of fantastic creatures having their own nature and living their own life. We believe that the AI-managed world of nofts can produce breathtaking content.

Players can collect nofts, enjoy their battles and trade them.

We use the power of technologies to give you new entertainment experiences.

Our Manifest

We follow new technologies and look for non-obvious ways to use them. Blockchain, for us, is an opportunity to make everything clear and reliable. It is an innovation on a scale comparable to the Internet. Blockchain has an impact on all areas of life, from finance to entertainment. It is a brand new way to organize data on the Internet and new ways to interact with users. We use the power of technologies to give you a unique entertainment experience.


Technical Details


Noft Games is built on the Binance Smart Chain network: all transactions are paid in BnB.


Noft is a non-fungible token BEP-721 that is indivisible and unique.


The Smart Contracts generate a noft from over 1M phenotypes and over 2.5B genotypes.


The appearance and abilities of a noft are random and depend on token byte-code.


The result of each battle is recorded in the blockchain and affects the abilities of the noft.


Proposal And Offers

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